August 13, 2017

Fun with Fido: Tips for an active summer with your dog

Pet parents know that the best way to put an extra wag in a dog’s tail and a spring in his step is to mention the […]
August 13, 2017

Increase garage sale profits with some marketing basics

As the weather warms up, garage sales begin appearing all over the U.S. Garage sales are a great way to clean out clutter while making some […]
August 13, 2017

What lies beneath your dream home?

It’s moving season. In a buyer-friendly market, home shoppers can be pretty particular in their search for a dream home. Increasingly, buyers are seeking flawless, move-in […]
August 13, 2017

Transform your space with unexpected color

For today’s homeowners who are seeking easy ways to update their homes on a do-it-yourself budget, nothing transforms the look and feel of a room as […]
August 13, 2017

Condiment creativity turns good meals into great ones

Burgers and hot dogs may be the darlings of summer barbecues, and grilled goodies get all the glamour, but what would summer dining be without condiments? […]
August 13, 2017

How to make your salad the life of the summer party

As summer approaches, you’re more inclined to opt for fresher foods and simpler meals. But lighter fare doesn’t mean a boring bed of lettuce. There are […]
August 13, 2017

Educate yourself before starting the path to a new career

If you’re looking to start a career – whether it’s because you’re just beginning your journey as a working adult or because you’re ready for a […]
August 13, 2017

Getting organized: Learn your style and find solutions that work for you

Resolving to reduce clutter and get better organized seems to be a lingering item on many people’s “to-do” lists, yet for many of us, it can […]
February 14, 2017

Karyn White

Karyn White an undeniable voice for many women in the late 80’s and 90’s has returned to music. Her voice is timeless and her presence was […]