Should you rock a beard if you can?

Throughout history, facial hair has had fluctuating popularity. There have been times when growing a big, bushy beard was seen as manly and rugged. In contrast, there have also been many eras where being clean-shaven was seen as a sign of civility, responsibility, and social acceptance. We currently find ourselves in a strange middle ground in our current society; with social media and apps like Instagram, our personal image has become more and more on display for all to see. Many great men have been known for their distinctive facial hair, where in contrast, there are equally as many men who’ve forgone the fuzzy face. So, here’s the question:

Should you rock a beard if you can?

Here at New League Magazine, we wanted to find out what people thought about beards, and we received some great responses:

“A man should always try a beard once, if you can rock that look then you can continue or go back to it again later in life. The fear is that you can’t; so you don’t try. Whatever the look, own it and you will find people will follow, not because of the beard but because you own that look.”

-Richard {U.K.}

Personally, I believe that this a great response. I never thought I could grow a good beard. My facial hair is dark, but there are a few spots in it where it doesn’t grow in as thick. One day, I just decided to let it go; Cleaning up the neckline and cheeks every now and again but letting the main portion of the beard do what it was going to. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised: The areas that didn’t grow as well were covered up by longer hairs, and I received many compliments on how it looked. Sometimes you just have to go for it and take a chance. I’ll definitely be growing it out again soon, but for now here in Virginia, it’s a little hot outside for one.

“My opinion – let’s go back to stubble/scruff. Too many men think they can rock a beard when they can’t. Or, even if they can…too often they are covering up a beautifully featured face. I’m pretty over this trend. I miss butt chins, cheekbones, dimples, cute lips, and jawlines. I have a friend who decided to go full hipster beard… and his dimple chin and cute lips are sorely missed.”

-Alecia {Texas}

“Yes. Beards hide a weak chin. There’s significant evidence men are judged by that.”

-Kat {Virginia}

Here we have a couple great responses with similar themes: Facial Structure. If you’ve got that Johnny Depp, Pharrell Williams, or Henry Cavill jawline, why cover it up? Work with what you have. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t grow a great goatee or mustache to compliment the way you were put together.

“I have shaved three times since 2012. If you can grow a beard and you want to have one, go for it. However, take care of it.The proper oils, wax, and brush go a long way.”

-Christopher {New York}

What Christopher said here, I cannot stress enough: TAKE CARE OF YOUR BEARD. There are many companies out there that sell fantastic beard care products. My personal favorite is Beardbrand; you can find them at They have a fantastic lineup of products to help you grow, trim, and maintain the best beard you can.

In conclusion, when it comes to whether or not you should grow a beard: just do you. However don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new once in a while. If you have a beard, try out some other facial hair styles. If you’re clean shaven, maybe go for some scruff and see where that takes you. The one thing that you need more than anything is
confidence, and if growing a beard does that for you, go for it. Nothing in the world will look better on you than confidence.
Know what you’ve got, and work with it.

Article By: Joshua P. Rogers