5 Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive

House décor trends tend to change every year, and right now the trend is plants. Pinterest is filled with photos of houses with various green plants. Many people have plants in every room of their home, including their shower. While this is a beautiful and fun trend to try, it has unfortunately resulted in many dead plants. 

House plants bring life and energy into a room, and they also purify the air. However, they cannot do that if they are dead. There are many plants that can easily die if not cared for just right, but there are also several that will stay alive for even the worst plant caretakers. This list of five low-maintenance house plants will help anyone who wants to bring plants into their home, but has experienced their fair share of plant deaths.    

  1. Pothos Ivy

This easy- to-care- for plant has trailing stems that look wonderful in a hanging basket or climbing up a trellis. Trimming the stems when they get too long helps to keep the plant looking full and healthy. This plant does well in a variety of lighting conditions, but it is important to let the soil get dry between watering. 

  1. Spider Plant

Do not worry, this plant does not attract spiders. This unique plant adds life to a room with its thin, curved leaves. It looks picture-perfect in a pot or in a hanging basket. It is best to keep the soil evenly moist and to put the plant in bright or medium light. 

  1. English Ivy

This next plant is a favorite of many: the English Ivy. The English Ivy looks wonderful trailing down from a shelf or basket. This plant thrives in moist soil and cooler room temperatures. The English Ivy is also easy to propagate; all it takes is cutting a vine and placing it in a cup of water until it grows roots. 

  1. Dieffenbachia

Do not let the complicated name scare you, the Dieffenbachia plant is a charming and low-maintenance household plant. The leaves of this tropical plant can grow up to one foot long, and the plant itself can reach a height of six feet. Because of this, a Dieffenbachia is perfect for adding life to a room. It is best to keep the soil of this plant evenly moist with low or medium light. 

  1. Snake Plant

This last plant is probably as trouble-free of a plant you can get. The Snake Plant, also known as the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, has leaves that grow upright with yellow or white edges. If well-cared for, it occasionally blooms white flowers. This plant thrives in any lighting conditions and somewhat dry soil. 

Having live plants brings so much joy and color into a home. With this list, any home can be filled with beautiful live plants. 

Article By: Madison Park