Ten common reasons the average person might need legal assistance

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February 10, 2021
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February 10, 2021
Based on what you see on TV, you might assume you’d only need legal help if you experienced some dramatic and life-altering event. But the truth is most people will have a legal need at some point in their lives – usually under fairly common circumstances.
In fact, many legal needs don’t involve ever setting foot inside a courtroom and revolve around tasks like document preparation or contract reviews. ARAG, a global provider of legal solutions, offers 10 examples of common situations where you might need legal help.
* When purchasing or selling a house, you may need a lawyer to review the purchase agreement and contract.
* Your college-age son or daughter has moved out of a rental property and needs legal help in getting a security deposit returned from the landlord.
* Someone in your family experiences identity theft and needs help recovering assets.
* You are working on a major home remodel and need someone to review the work agreement you’ve established with your contractors.
* You’re drafting or revising your will.
* You need legal advice during an IRS audit.
* A car breaks down while under warranty, and you need help getting the manufacturer or dealer to honor the warranty.
* You’re adopting a child and need a lawyer to help you complete the necessary paperwork and guide you through the adoption process.
* You notice a mistake on your credit report and need help getting it corrected.
* You believe you were issued a traffic violation in error and decide you want to fight the violation.
Because many routine life events require legal assistance, enrolling yourself in a legal plan can help lead you in the right direction when you need legal help. Some employers offer legal plans as part of their benefits packages, giving employees the option to enroll.
When you are enrolled in a legal plan like those offered through ARAG, you gain access to a network of attorneys who can provide legal advice and help with everyday legal issues. If you need representation, your plan may also allow you to hire a lawyer for a reduced out-of-pocket rate or no fee – which can result in significant savings considering the average rate charged by an attorney with 11 to 15 years of service is $312 per hour, according to The National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence. For more information on how legal plans work, visit www.araggroup.com.
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