Doggy parenting: tips for guiding your dog through the ‘teen’ years
Five tips for fast, healthy meals on a budget
Doggy parenting: tips for guiding your dog through the ‘teen’ years
Five tips for fast, healthy meals on a budget

With spring time just upon us, and summer right behind it. It’s still time to get your bodies right. As we know, what goes in the body is just as important as to how your body will look on the outside. What I have below is a quick and easy workout tips that will start you off in the right direction to propel you in getting the body you’ve desired.

The main thing to remember is that the body needs REST. Rest is KEY to the growth of the human body. Three days a week is all it takes for gains with rest in between working out. What I have below is three exercises that will help you in your endeavors.

Exercise 1: Chest. 4×10-20

(Movement) With dumbbells in your hand, and palms facing each other. Lower the weight slowly down to the side of your chest and slowly push the weight above your chest and turn the weight once fully extended in the air. Your palms should be facing away from you. Once you’ve turned the weight, you should be contracting your chest muscles. Giving your Pecs a good squeeze for two seconds makes them work.

(Tip) Doing the workout slow on the negative and positive phase makes your chest muscles work for maximum gains. In between each positive and negative movement, count at least three seconds.

Exercise 2: Biceps. 4×10-20

(Movement) Lay on an incline bench at a 45 degree angle, with a pair of dumbbells. Head back on the bench, palms facing outward curl the dumbbells towards your upper body. Making sure you squeeze and hold at the top of the movement.

(Tip) To get the maximum results remember to not lift the dumbbells all the way to the top. It’s best to stop the movement just above the halfway mark. This will allow the biceps to stay under stress. It’s important to lower the weight all the way down on the negative phase.

Triceps. 4×10-20

(Movement) Laying flat on a bench using a E-Z bar, hold the bar with a in close grip and lower the bar slowly to the forehead, and press the weight towards the ceiling, and squeeze. Make sure that your elbows are close together and the tension is on the Triceps. This exercise is known as Skull Crushes.

(Tip)It is important to remember that when lowering the weight on the negative that you should control the weight going down as slow as possible. (It’s not called Skull Crushes for nothing)

Exercise 3: Legs. 4×10-20

(Movement) While standing in a squat rack with bar placed on the top of your back, squat the weight down until your body is parallel to the ground. Once you have reached the parallel position, drive the hills of your feet into the ground and push yourself back up to the starting position.

(Tip) If you are a tall individual then it is not necessary for you to go down parallel. This can cause serious injury to your knees.

(Additional Tip) Squats are a great body building exercise because it releases growth hormones throughout your body. With that being said, the more you build the bottom half of your body, the better your upper body will look.

**(Extra workouts) It’s good to perform pull ups at the end of your workouts to stretch your muscles out. So four sets of wide grip pull ups will help loosen up the tightness of your body.

Doing crunches also will add to your physic as well, but remember, when doing crunches its best to do them slow. The slower you do the movements, the more your Ab muscles will work. Meaning, the fewer amounts of repetitions you will be able to complete.

**Pre Workout Shake


Hand full of ice
1 Banana
1 scoop of protein
3 spoons of honey
Place all contents into a blender and blend 10-20 seconds.

**Post Workout Shake


2-3 ice cubes
2 Bananas
1 scoop of protein
1 cup of chocolate milk

Place all contents into a blender and blend for 10-20 seconds

Congratulations! Now you’re in full motion preparing for the summer.