Stop your relationship rut: 3 simple steps to a fresh start this Valentine’s Day
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By Frank Brown
Have you ever felt like your dating life wasn’t going the way you would like? Have you ever found yourself settling for less when it comes to what you expect romantically and even unromantically? You are not alone, in fact many people I speak to feel just like this, sometimes even asking me the heart breaking question “Am I worthy of real love”. I’ve always answered yes until I finally realized that wasn’t all of the truth, I was pacifying them and merely prolonging their struggle.
Does every man and woman deserve real love? YES. Will they get it? NO… Not because it doesn’t exist and not because everyone else is evil. The truth is until we find that true love within ourselves we lack the inner strength and foundation to demand the respect we deserve, we lack the self esteem and confidence it takes to get back up after failure and we lose hope. We become hopeless, and it shows more than you know when you meet others. That energy is felt by almost everyone around you and most times it’s not pleasant, how can you expect anyone to fall in love with hopelessness?        
Now we find ourselves searching for our own happiness in the lives of others, we grow more and more thirsty for completion, we lower our standards and we lose expectations. You have officially lost yourself and are at the easiest point of manipulation. You’ve been used and abused, lost and confused and driven to emotional insanity. This is a terrible situation to be in and will not change until you wake up and realize that you are worth more than what you could ever imagine, but no one will believe that if you don’t believe it yourself. 
The most important relationship you will ever have in life is within you. Spend some time with you, treat yourself, get to know your roots and who you are. What do you believe in? what do you love? How do you show joy and energy? Everyone has flaws, learn to love them! Everyone has strengths, learn to use them! Find your purpose and fight for it! Go after your goals with a new confidence and the new motivation of making yourself better!  Learn to love you and become your own source of happiness because no one else can truly love you until you love yourself! 
The question is not are you worthy of real love? The question is have you prepared yourself for its arrival or will you scare it away? 

Frank Brown is a college life and dating coach based out of Washington, DC. His love for transformational mentoring and inspiring growth within the lives of today’s youth fuels his efforts to build motivation and healthy relationships one campus at a time. A graduated student from IPEC School of coaching, Frank truly believes that healthy relationships with others begin with a healthy relationship with yourself. He uses the message of self love to show the power of belief, clarity of who you are and explain how knowledge of self can lead to a more purposeful and prosperous life in every aspect.  ” I believe that no man, woman or child on this earth was born void of purpose. To question why I am here is every man’s right but the effort of discovering the answer is every man’s responsibility”
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