Adam Badger – Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer

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Adam Badger – Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer

Adam Badger is all about helping people stay fir. Think Fit! Get Fit! is Adam’s Mantra. Badger dream of becoming a personal fitness trainer started when he was just a teenager. Badger, who grew up in New Orleans, was fifteen when his mother bought him his first gym membership, this was when and where he realized that staying fit and being healthy was the way to go. Although Badger was always the smallest and shortest around that didn’t at all discourage him but motivated him more as he looked up to his peers he shortly realized that it was time to take it to another level.

Staying fit is very important. Badger believes that once the mindset of thinking about getting fit is developed, the thought is then put into action. He is all about helping and motivating others for stay in shape. As Badger gets new clientele his first question to them is “How bad do you want this?” Once he sees that they are serious then he is ready to work! Badger specializes in muscle toning, strength and conditioning, weight loss and more. There are a few daily tips that the fitness trainer would like to share such as drinking a glass of water every morning, you will feel quite refresh if you do so, grabbing an apple or a protein bar  for an healthy snack instead of something that is not so healthy.

Not only is Badger a fitness expert and personal trainer but he’s also a full time student at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. He manages to juggle having clients and school at the same time. Just last year Badger won three-first place awards in the NPC (National Physique Champion) Tallahassee Championship as First place Collegiate, First place Open, and First place Overall. In the NPC Greater Gulf States Men’s Physique category Adam was awarded Third Place, Greater Gulf Area and Fifth Place, in the New Orleans Area. This upcoming May Badger will be competing in an National show where he hopes to take home first place there and go Pro. “When you like what you do you have a real passion for it.” he says. 

Sometime this year Badger plans to launch his very own fitness mobile app. Having clients all over in states such as Michigan, Mississippi, Florida etc. has inspired Badger to create this app. “If I have clients in New Orleans, and I’m here in Tallahassee while I’m obtaining my education, I need to create something towards where I can still keep in contact with my other clients.” This app will help with communication, he will be able to post work out plans and nutritional facts video conference and so on. The app will only be $25.00 a month and you will have your personal workout and nutritional plan created. “Everyone is into to technology and this fitness app will help.” Android and iPhone users will be able to download the app.

Technology plays a huge part in society today. Kids now days are into the latest gadget they have. Badger motivates his younger crowd by saying kids need to be active and get involved in their local community at the recreation center, the park, the YMCA. “I was always an outside person, you need to go outside and find something you like to do. It doesn’t have to be lifting weights just be active”

 If you will like to know more about Adam badger or how to get in touch with him you can check out on his website  Twitter: @adam_badger  Facebook: 


 Article By: Jazmyne C. Byrd

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